Why You Should Follow Competitors On Social Media?

Why You Should Follow Competitors On Social Media?

In the digital era, social media is a powerful marketing tool that when fully utilised can lead to loyal customers and a reliable source of engagement with every post. But as competitors also utilise this method of marketing following their social media campaigns could be an ideal way of drumming up business. Whether you enlist the help of digital marketing services or implement them in house, this can not only boost engagement, but it can drive traffic back to your site. In this article, we will be looking into whether or not you as a business should follow your direct competitors on their social media channels.

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Monitor Content Quality

If you are writing content for your website and social media that is not receiving the engagement that you were expecting the following your competitors on social media may be able to benefit you. By looking at the engagement figures that they are receiving, you are then able to see what style of copy works for your audience. Though this cannot be a direct copy of your competitors’ campaign, this can then be taken and adapted to work for your company and target your chosen audiences effectively.

Look At What Works

In addition to the copy of the social media posts, it is also important to look at the titles, the images and other elements that are being used on their social media platforms. This can help you to establish what works to capture your audience’s attention and allows you to tailor your content around this. Though it may take time to see the engagement figures begin to climb, this is a long-term strategy that will benefit the reputation of your business as well as its outreach over the course of the financial year.

Monitor Audience Behaviour

Audience behaviour is crucial when making your business on social media, as posting at the wrong time could mean that your content goes unnoticed. If you implement A/B testing and continue to create relevant content this can help to boost your business and its reputation over time whilst providing relevant information to your followers. For those that have a younger target audience, posting on platforms such as Instagram and twitter is likely to capture their attention and gain likes and comments, whereas LinkedIn and Facebook are aimed at older target audiences as they are suited to more copy driven content.

Target Unhappy Customers

The final way that following your competitors can benefit your business is the possibility of unhappy customers. If you find that your competitor is making clients unhappy, reaching out to them on social media can be an effective way of gaining business. Whether this is through strategically placed ad campaigns or a specially built campaign on platforms such as Facebook targeted around recent interactions and interests, this can aid your business in generating high-quality leads that are likely to convert. Though this can take time to implement, this is a strategy that many would not be using allowing you to get ahead of your competitors in no time.

Whether you are a small business looking to come out ahead of your competitors or you are a larger business looking for new ways to drum up business, this is a simple yet effective way of making your business stand out to potential customers.