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EntrepreneurAlways had goals of beginning your own automotive wash business, but by no means had the suitable steerage to start one? Studi ini melibatkan lebih dari 70.000 subjek di Inggris. Para subjek memiliki kesehatan mental yang lebih baik begitu mereka tidak lagi menganggur. Saya akan senang sekali kalau Anda menjadi teman saya dalam weblog ini. Manfaat ekonomi yang dirasakan diberbagai negara dari social enterpreneur adalah penciptaan kesempatan kerja yang baru. Selain itu memberikan peluang kerja terhadap penyandang cacat dilibatkan dalam kegiatan produkti.

DI menyoroti bagaimana perlunya menjaga keseimbangan integritas dan antusiasme tersebut. Jangan sampai terjadi ketimpangan dalam diri seorang pemimpin terutama yang bergerak di bidang bisnis dan pemerintahan. Kedua aspek itu sama-sama penting dan dibutuhkan. Makanya jangan melakukan pekerjaan yang sangat dibenci. Atau kalau Anda benci, coba cari strategi untuk mencintainya.

VEP makes it easier for small businesses to entry federal providers, regardless of its supply—and quickly connects Veteran entrepreneurs …

Latino entrepreneurs reportedly struggle the most in obtaining VC funding

Yahoo Finance reporter Dani Romero details how Latino/Hispanic entrepreneurs are still struggling to obtain venture capital funding.

Video Transcript

SEANA SMITH: Latinos are a fast growing segment of the US population. Yet startups run by Latino entrepreneurs are struggling to raise the money that they need to build their businesses. Dani Romero is here with us. And Dani, I know you spoke with a venture capitalist who has a big focus on Latino founded companies. What did he tell you?

DANI ROMERO: Yeah, I spoke with Sol Trujillo. He is the founder and general partner of Latitude Ventures. And he tells me that Latino entrepreneurs have the most difficult time when it comes to getting access to capital and really scaling their business upward. He says there’s a disconnect between the growing Latino population, as well as the attention paid to those entrepreneurs from venture capitalists and as well as

Springfield Entrepreneur’s Expandable Cabin Can Set Itself Up in Different Locations | Real Estate | Seven Days

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A rendering of one of Tenfold's units when it's fully extended.  - COURTESY OF TENFOLD ENGINEERING

  • Courtesy of Tenfold Engineering
  • A rendering of one of Tenfold’s units when it’s fully extended.

David Jaacks, a Springfield entrepreneur with a degree in architecture, hopes to transform the way the world lives with an expandable steel-frame cabin that can set itself up on legs in a variety of locations.

The patented home is designed to leave the factory the size of a 20-foot-long shipping container. At its destination, the legs come down automatically and the building rises, enabling the truck to drive out from underneath it. It then unfolds to become a 450-square-foot house, complete with furnishings — like an oversized camper that could serve as durable shelter for years.

Jaacks envisions parents occupying their movable homes for months at a time in the yards of their adult

‘I’Il never give up’: ‘Serial entrepreneur,’ 59, launches handmade jewelry business in Staten Island Mall

STATEN ISLAND, NY — Lynn Decker, 59, says she’s always been a “terrible quitter.”

In fact, this self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur,” said “it’s never too late” to start a business or take up a new hobby. And when she upstarts something new she always puts her “all” into making it a success.

That’s why the small business consultant, and owner of Progressive Bookkeeping Solutions LLC, decided to launch another business — one that allows her to showcase her passion for gemstones.

“I studied geology when I returned to college as an adult in 2004, and I fell in love with astronomy and earth sciences. This is why I work with gemstones, because it keeps me connected to the earth and the cosmos, and I am able to stay engaged with the natural world around me,” said Decker, who recently began designing and making beaded jewelry, which she learned by watching YouTube

How entrepreneurs are building companies in dozens of cities

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