Cause of Business Failure

Cause of Business Failure

In running a business there are definitely advantages and disadvantages, there are also successes and failures. Failure in business is one of the things that most businesses fear. There are no entrepreneurs or business people who want a failure in running a business. But you know, without realizing that failure can occur due to several causes. What can be the cause of business failure? Find the answer below.

 Underdeveloped Planning

In running a business, planning is an important thing that must be done first. Business plans do not need to be perfect, but must be precise and carefully thought out. By planning, you can determine how your business achieves its goals. Planning can also be used as a tool to control the company’s operational activities. With a plan, you can also choose and determine what activities are needed and not needed, and do all activities regularly in accordance with the stages that have been determined. If business planning is not carefully thought out, this will have a direct impact on business operations that result in business failure.

Fear of taking risks

Every activity must have a risk, one of which is business activity. Many entrepreneurs fail to run a business because they are afraid to take risks, such as risk in the face of competition, risk in financial problems, and so forth. If you are one of the entrepreneurs who are afraid to take risks, you are mentally not ready to become a businessman. In fact, most successful people are those who dare to take risks.

Don’t dare to try

Trying new things can certainly give a new idea in running a business. However, many entrepreneurs have been comfortable in their zones, so they don’t dare to try new things. Even though successful people are people who try new things. If you dare to try and keep trying, there is no word impossible in a business, but if you don’t start trying, surely you will never succeed. Boldly try, you are the same as making progress in a business. So, from now on, get rid of your fears, and throw away the fear of a failure.


After you try to start new things to grow your business, don’t give up quickly when failure comes. Giving up easily will get you closer to failure. So, try to keep trying and are eager to realize something that your business wants to achieve, and never stop in the middle of the road. By stopping in the middle of the road, you are the same as wasting everything you have done. Embed in your mind that failure is a natural thing, and every successful person must have experienced a failure.

Too rushed

Many entrepreneurs who fail because of hurry in running a business, such as hurry in developing business. Keep in mind, everything that is done in a hurry will usually bring bad results. So, before making a decision or doing something, try to think well and plan carefully. That way, the risk of failure in business will decrease and profits will come soon.

Not confident

This will usually be experienced when your brain is filled with negative thoughts. Not confident will usually cause fear when you have to make a decision or give up when you fail. With a lack of confidence, you are the same as missing the opportunity that comes to you. To reduce the risk of failure, try to believe that you can succeed and believe that all the decisions you choose are the best decisions you have ever made.


Those are the six causes that can make a business fail. Not only that, lack of experience and not being able to manage finances well, can also be a cause of failure of a business. So, if you want to get success in business, you can start managing finances well and neatly. Journal is an online accounting software that can help manage business finances well and neatly. With a Journal, you can find out the company’s financial condition in real time, wherever and whenever. The journal will also help companies to prepare financial reports instantly and precisely.