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Panels have several advantages over different strategies of accumulating survey data. Perhaps essentially the most familiar use of panels is to trace change in attitudes or behaviors of the identical individuals over time. Whereas unbiased samples can yield proof about change, it’s more difficult to estimate precisely how a lot change is occurring – and among whom it is occurring – with out having the ability to monitor the same individuals at two or extra time limits.

I have no means of figuring out whether or not the survey was designed to factor within the kind of contingencies Rabbi Fischer described. But I do know that within the age of immediate info on any subject – anyone can go surfing and be disabused of all their spiritual beliefs in a short time. If unprepared they can be overwhelmed by arguments there much of that are very convincing. Especially if one already has problem with the religious dogma they have been taught – and there is no one non secular to show to. Unfortunately (as I even have said many occasions) our academic system is woefully deficient in that department. Our educators should be educated.

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