Life Altering Biomedical Products

The biomedical products field is working at the very edge of reality and on occasion is bringing the unbelievable to life. This cutting edge field melds together the latest technology and medical advances to save lives and change lives every day. Learn more here about how you can become a part of this amazing field with an online degree.

Can you imagine an alternative to a gastric bypass operation that requires no sedation and takes only about 10 minutes to complete? The Obalon Balloon System is exactly that. It is a capsule that can be swallowed and then inflated to take up space in the patient’s stomach. This will help reduce the amount of food consumed and promote weigh loss without the risks associated with sedation and surgery.

How many parents do you know who would love to be able to have a professional caliber baby monitor at home for their new born? The Owlet Smart Sock uses pulse oximetry just like the monitors in the hospital to monitors oxygen levels, and heart rate. If either of these drop, it triggers a base station alarm that parents can place anywhere within 100 feet. The fabric monitor provides more comfort for the child and also fits better so it provides more accurate results than other monitors. The Bluetooth smartphone app also allows for real time data collection.

Having a career that allows you to work in a field that is making life altering advances on almost a daily basis is both rewarding and exciting. You will be changing the medical care that is available for future generations. And all of that can be possible once you complete your degree online. The opportunities are endless and you will have a career that you love. Take a few minutes and learn more about taking the next step in furthering your education.


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