How to Transfer Bitcoin to Paypal

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In recent years, with the discovery of new currencies like the cryptocurrency, the global community started to face new types of abilities, especially in the virtual world. However because of these currencies, the new technologies and types of services came to be under the access of people. For sure the huge price of crypto like Bitcoin, made so many people worry about their funds in this virtual community; the main question is how users will be able to transfer their Bitcoin to their accounts such as Paypal for their needs. In this article, we will write about the four best options for online users that will allow them to transfer their Bitcoin to Paypal as easily as possible. 

Transfer Bitcoin to Paypal

Currently, there are so many different options available for users to make this transfer. However one of the best options especially for citizens of US, Canada, UK and Europe is Coinbase. This platform is one of the most popular services in case of exchanging the cryptocurrencies and also it is allowing users to withdraw their crypto by their Paypal account. In this case, users just will need to create an account on this platform, make a verification process, go to settings and click on the Link an account. With choosing Paypal in the next step, their Coinbase linked to their paypal account. However the Paxful online platform, also is one of the best options for making this transfer. This service is a popular digital currency exchange around the world that currently is allowing users to sell their Bitcoin for Paypal without any limitation. In this process, simply users will need to create the account in Paxful, click on Sell bitcoin and select Paypal. In this way, customers are easily able to sell their bitcoin with the help of this platform. 

Exchanger24 & Localbitcoins

In this regard, it is worthy to mention two other important platforms that can make life easier for crypto users. The Localbitcoins that are known as the Ebay of Bitcoin, connect the seller and the buyer to each other and make Paypal available for the transactions. So in this case, users will need to enter their account on this platform, click on the Quick sale, write their country, currency and choose paypal. The Localbitcoins will show the possibilities for users in this case. The last online platform that can allow users to make the bitcoin transfer to their Paypal, is Exchange24. This platform is one of the reliable services in case of Crypto exchange worldwide. In this service, users will need to choose the exchange direction, write the amount, see the automatic calculation and then easily write their Paypal accounts details. 


Definitely, finding the best platform to make a transfer from Bitcoin to the Paypal account, is one of the significant points for people in current days. However the mentioned options can be counted as the best ways in this regard.  

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