How to Play Crypto For Beginners

How to Play Crypto For Beginners

Although it can be bought by anyone, playing crypto doesn’t look easy for beginners. Due to the absence of regulation and the large number of coins and tokens on the market, potential investors are often confused about getting started.

In previous years, cryptocurrencies were still involved in activities such as mining, trading, and investing. But lately, with the fans continuing to increase significantly, there are now more ways that even beginners can try. Here’s how to play crypto for beginners:

Mining Crypto

Mining cryptocurrency is still the most promising way that is worth trying. Mining is the activity of adding new blocks to the blockchain through working on crypto puzzles. At the beginning of the emergence of crypto, this method was indeed quite profitable.

In the past, mining was done by allocating a lot of resources such as high-spec computers and huge amounts of electricity. But now, this method has shifted to cloud-based mining services which are considered more profitable and still secure. Cloud services rent out resources that can be used for mining with just one payment.

So it can also be said that you invest to then get a share of the mining results. And to get a good cloud mining service, you should ensure the credibility of the service provider. Yes, one of the risks of using this kind of service is being scammed by spam, so you should still do it wisely.


One of the most profitable ways to play crypto is to trade alias trading. The potential profit that can be obtained can be quite large if you have the ability to analyze charts and patterns. And of course, the risks involved in this method are just as great as the potential one could expect.

Trading is done by buying and selling crypto. To benefit from this method is to buy when the price is low, then sell when the price is high. Simple isn’t it?

The profits that can be obtained through trading will be greatly influenced by the speed with which you analyze the charts and your sharpness in predicting the market situation. To be able to optimize your capabilities, you can take advantage of various trading features available through applications on the market today. For example, tools to get information, execute transactions and so on.

Invest in Crypto

The easiest way to play crypto is to invest in coins in the long term. A large number of crypto currency lists are declared legal to be used as investment instruments. To be safe, have trusted coins such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum, avoid low-quality coin projects whose fundamentals are not clear. Learn first how it works, such as how to buy and how to sell Dogecoin in legal and trusted transactions.

The way to use crypto as an investment is to make it an asset. You as an investor only need to hold your crypto holdings until it’s time to sell the asset for a profit.

Apart from having to know how to cash out crypto assets, another important thing that beginners must know is how to store their assets. For that, you may need to consider various wallet service providers. This is because each service has advantages and disadvantages, such as interest or fees that need to be taken into account.

Following the Lending Platform

If you are a beginner with a large capital, the best way to play crypto is to use the money you have as capital to invest in cryptocurrency lending. You can benefit from the interest on the asset loan. It can be said that this way of playing can offer a higher profit potential than implementing HODL.

Accept Crypto Payments

If you have goods or services that people need, it is possible that crypto can be a means of payment. You can use Starbucks as an example of how to play crypto on this one. It’s simple, you sell a product or service, then accept payment with crypto.

Just add crypto into your online store payment system. And for that, you will need a trusted crypto wallet service. In addition, you also need to adjust the prices of the products and services you offer to the volatility of this digital currency.