How to Keep Office Tables Stay Neat and Clean

How to Keep Office Tables Stay Neat and Clean

When looking at the office desk that looks messy you will feel bored and lazy to work. It is very important for those of you who work to tidy up the office desk. A clean and tidy office desk will definitely make its users feel enjoy and excited while working. This is because the worker most of the time spent in the office, therefore the worker should make as comfortable as possible where his work to feel at home and enjoy his work. Here we will answer the question.

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Start from your own desk

Back to your destination has an office desk. If used only to check the phone bills or electricity, it does not require a table that is too large. But if you are a designer, use a large table and have a file storage drawer, paper, and filing.

Arrange the files on the table

Make sure you always tidy up and clean up the files on the table. Do not let stack, because it will make it difficult for you to find the needed files. Keep your files in a closet or drawer.

Throw garbage in its place

Sometimes we underestimate small trashes such as candy wrappers, plastic snacks, paper clippings and other small items to put on the table. You think it’s not important because it’s just a little trash. But if you continue to do so, then it will be a bad habit and can make piles of garbage on the table. Start from now to always throw the garbage in place even though litle whatever it is.

Return the item to its original place

Often we forget to use an item when in a hurry. Put it carelessly after you finish wearing it. Eliminate the habit because it will complicate you when you want to wear them again. If you take a file in a drawer, then return the file back into the drawer so you can easily search it. So get used to the nature of discipline in you to get a desk that is always clean and tidy.

Clear the table after work

Familiarize yourself to set aside time 5 minutes after you work to clean and tidy up your office desk that day you use. Do not discuss documents for tomorrow to pile up on the office desk, because it will make you no longer enthusiastic about doing the task after seeing the pile of documents.

Provide a writing box

Most employees put pencils, pens, staplers and other stationery haphazardly on the table. Your office desk is decorated by the stationery. It can make your office desk look very messy, so provide a pencil case to keep all the stationery in order to keep it neat.

Put a favorite item on the table

By adding objects that have an emotional value is one way that we feel comfortable and lingering in front of the laptop / computer. You can put your family pictures, displays, flowers or other favorite things on the office desk. If you’re in the middle of a task, you can take a break to look at family photos as an encouragement.