Free Money Orders (8)

Free Money Orders (8)

As mentioned in an earlier publish, one in every of my post level 60 objectives was to get 1,000 Gold after getting as many blue and purple items as potential. Since I simply reached this purpose I thought it is likely to be a good suggestion to return here and share some of the cash making strategies I’ve been experimenting with.

Hi Cari. Thanks for the Hub. I actually have been toying with the concept of writing for cash for several months now. I actually have left the concept for some time however seeing you Hub made me suppose once more and I actually have determined to make the leap and join iWriter. Okay, this plunge may not have made a giant splash and I could also be doggy paddling for a while however it can give me a chance to be taught to swim before I go for swimming the English Channel, good metaphors do not you think.

THANK YOU KALEY! I did the identical factor, however the best way it sounded at the finish I googled it and located your remark, I emailed them back w/ your put up (minus the e-mail deal with) and said no thanks, I knew this appeared fishy. This is the one he sent me….seems like he has a special firm. You can give the cash grams to your native police department i believe.

The C2766 rifle was positively mailed by Klein’s to Oswald’s P.. Box in Dallas. Waldman No. 7 proves that fact. And the money order was stamped by Klein’s. So Klein’s was definitely PAID the $21.forty five for the rifle, and Klein’s did the processing on their end by depositing it into their bank account. And that money order has Oswald’s writing all over it.

But the plotters not only did not stamp the money order ONE time with a phony First National endorsement, but (per the FRB laws cited by Sandy Larsen) these stupid conspirators omitted at the least three or four separate FNB markings that ought to be on that cash order – together with the date of the transaction and TWO separate ABA transit numbers.