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Asterisk PBX and VoIP Phones No matter how monumental your business now or if it’s still starting, you can never go wrong with Asterisk phone systems especially when they are fully integrated with VoIP PBX solutions. This set up takes away a huge amount from the cost of setting up the old PBX system. The main reason why a lot of businesses never consider using PBX is the size of their business, setting up needs serious money but Asterisk can make this possible due to their low set up costs; small businesses can’t afford all the set up costs of traditional PBX systems. What Exactly is Asterisk? Individuals and businesses can easily access PBX software with the help of Asterisk. Fortunately, whatever software or platform you use on your computer the system can function easily. The very company that developed Asterisk is also the same company that offer all the needed hardware to set it up in phone systems. When you compare Asterisk to any other PBX system out there, you’d notice that Asterisk has way more features at an incredibly lower price.
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Reasons for Getting Asterisk in Your Office Aside from the obvious benefit that Asterisk costs way less than any other traditional PBX system, it has a ton of other benefits you might want to look into. Connecting your telephone network with traditional global telephone networks will be no problem at all when you opt for Asterisk; they are also VoIP PBX systems that make use of wide connections. Of course making calls or receiving them follow the same procedure as with the classic PBX system. Because of Asterisks’ connection to the internet instead of the phone line, you’re allowed to contact employees in foreign or faraway areas. We’re sure that the huge businesses that have branches or connections in different areas or countries have difficulty staying in one network, but Asterisk can actually allow all of them to connect in a single network. This is a huge cost saver since large companies usually pay a ton of money when hosting conference calls over multiple countries or states. Employees that need to constantly travel everywhere can stay connected with the office just as long as they are connected to a stable internet connection. If you want to hear another great benefit, it’s that the phone system of Asterisk even allow everyone to have their very own voicemail box. The best part about the voicemail boxes is that it’s connected to the email accounts of the employees, this is so that they can never miss important emails again. You can directly contact the company that created and developed Asterisk if ever you encounter problems and difficulties with the system itself. When you do contact them, friendly professional will hear your concern and help you fix any problems with the system in order to get it up and running again.

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