Transfer And Negotiation (9)

A sort of cheque , normally purchased from a postal service to permit safe sending of cash by means of the publish, possibly to be redeemed out of the country.

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At the USPS service desk a request for the money order can be made. The quantity of the cash order will must be specified to the USPS representative so (s)he can print out the cash order in the correct quantity. If more than $3,000.00 of money orders is requested, a government identification reminiscent of driver’s license could also be requested as per the USPS.

The Treasury Department then issues Treasury securities in the type of Treasury Bonds, Notes, and Bills using the bonds as surety for the new securities.” This cycle is predicated on the longer term tax revenues of the authorized individual whose name appears on the Birth Certificate. This also implies that the bankrupt, company U.S. can assure to the purchasers of their securities the lifetime labor and tax revenues of every citizen of the United States”/American with a Birth Certificate as collateral for fee. This machine is initiated just by changing the lawful, true name of the kid into a authorized, juristic name of an individual.

Then, when you realize that the whole lot you see in the movies, television, and on the news is specifically designed to uphold the illusionary state of unconsciousness that most of us reside in concerning our debt slavery, that is the purpose the place regular dialog as outlined by the media pushed society becomes insufferable. And becoming in at events becomes impossible. I’m now the crazy man… the one speaking out of my butt. I’m the one who, despite the sweetness, glory, and not to point out the very fact of the data I try to relay, I am labeled because the adverse one… the downer.