The Social Work Podcast (5)

We need a new financial model that acknowledges the worth of helpful work that is not essentially worthwhile.

To be sincere, I spent most of the day chilling in the whip with Ghoulie. It wasn’t for any specific cause moreover the very fact we’re snug as hell in there. We determined it is the official SCMM clubhouse/living room on wheels. Sure, it’s illegal to smoke bowls and drink beers in there, however legality’s never stopped us from doing what we feel inclined to do.

Another new anarcho squat in Milano is the Rosa Nera, in south Milano. It’s a very cool place and the younger folks doing things there are actually into hardcore as activism. They can solely do matinees due to the homes round, but now each Wednesday¬†they’re organizing the Antifa drummer, some free drum courses for the youngsters to get into music and quick blast beats!!

Anyway Friday was a little bit of a visit down reminiscence lane. Let’s name it bittersweet. When Die Trying played a number of Hellhounds covers it took me again to a time once I was 15, in somewhat band referred to as OUCH!, all about street punk and Mickey’s grenades-I’m nonetheless about the grenades, honestly- however issues seemed easier then. We had been more optimistic with our unified angst and certainly much less jaded. While I’d doubtless outline our technology as apathetic and misplaced, this set, along with Party Flag, and Lower Class Brats felt like a glimmer of nostalgic hope.

Of course, whether or not you need to turn out to be an electrician actually boils down to at least one factor. Is working with electricity and fixing the unique challenges concerned in the entire course of one thing that you have an interest in? If your answer to that query is sure and even possibly, then I encourage you to seek out out more about changing into an electrician and electrician apprenticeships. It might be the very best resolution you’ve ever made!