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Important Features Of Business Phone Systems Not all telephone systems are suitable for businesses. The best business phone system is mostly dependent on the nature and size of the business and to how it operates at the same time. If you’re running a small business, there are actually features that you should watch out from a telephone system, which can help in boosting your efficiency and support its continuous growth. It is often a challenge for small business on how they can compete with bigger companies while using lesser resources. As you read this article, we are going to look at the top features that a business telephone system should have for start-up and small businesses. Number 1. Call forwarding – this lets the business to take all inbound calls be diverted to a different phone regardless if it is your mobile phone, home phone or coworker’s phone. Some features of call forwarding let the calls be forwarded to group of phone numbers, which rings simultaneously until it is answered.
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Number 2. Voicemail – this is actually a basic feature that comes to almost all kinds of telephone systems today but there are more advanced features that you may want to look out for like remote access, extended voicemail length as well as multiple greetings.
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Number 3. Advertising/music on hold – it showed that most people would hang up if they only hear a complete silence while being placed on hold by the receiver according to studies. Actually, a big percentage of these people have never called the business back. So, in an effort to increase the chances of them to stay online, it will be a wise investment to give your callers/clients something to listen to while on hold. You’ll never know when the next sales call is going to come through after all. Basically, you have a couple of options, either going for on-hold messages, on-hold music or a combination of the two. Ideally, you do not want to put your callers on hold but these things are simply inevitable. Number 4. Caller ID – due to busyness in the business, there are some that weren’t able to answer incoming calls. Say for example that an inbound call do not account for a significant proportion of sales you make, then you may find that a big portion of your time spent on the telephone isn’t productive. It may be that you received lots of calls from firms trying to sell you their services and products, rather than showing interests in yours. This is why it is an important feature to any small business telephone system to have a caller ID. This is guaranteeing that you know when an important call is coming and ensure that it’ll be answered.

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