Money Transfer Within India Without Bank Account (India Post Online Money Order) (5)

A Money Order is a pay as you go negotiable document purchased at a publish workplace for the transmission of funds between a payer and a payee for which a cease payment can solely be placed in certain conditions (including loss, error or theft).

Martin was informed by superiors on the Bank of England to drop the matter. The whole case was an embarrassment to them and advised Martin that he was endangering his profession. This was not given as advice, but as a warning from the highest officials of the financial institution. Martin Archer-Shee replied that my son is extra necessary to me, than my profession.

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The subject of money orders and postal notes is regulated by sections 74-seventy nine of the Post and Telegraph Act 1901—1961. The most amount for which a single money order payable within Australia may be obtained is £40, but additional orders can be issued upon request when bigger quantities are to be remitted. The most amount permitted to be sent by anyone person to an individual or individuals outside Australia is £A.10 per week. A postal note shouldn’t be out there for a sum bigger than twenty shillings.