Looking Forward to Moving to Tallahassee

I was excited about starting out on my own for the first time in my life. I was nearly 24 years old, but I had never lived completely on my own. I have always been independent though, so I was looking forward to this next stage of my life. I had lived at home with my parents while I went to college. After getting a Master’s degree, I sent out my resume to several different school districts. When I heard back from one with a great offer, I immediately looked at apartments for rent in Tallahassee in the area to make sure I could afford to live there.

I looked at several different apartment complexes, but there is just one that really got me excited. Tally Square Apartments has everything that I could possibly want, and the best part is that it is just a few miles from where I was offered a job. I looked at the different amenities that are offered there, and I knew that I would love to call this place home, especially after looking at the different floor plans there. I knew that I only needed a one bedroom unit because I would more than likely end up visiting my folks more than they would come here.

The rooms are nice and big, and the best part is that a washer and dryer can be right there in the apartment. After living in a dorm for a few years, that is a luxury that I will never take for granted. I also like that it is located in a very safe area, because my parents, and in particular my dad, will worry about me being on my own for the first time. I accepted the job offer after my apartment application was accepted, and I am just really looking forward to this next part of my life.

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