How to Improve Building Security at Your Business


Keeping your company grounds safe and secure is a vital part of running a business. Here are some tips to help improve building security.

Keeping Your Building Grounds Safe & Secure

Any commercial or office building will require some amount of security to ensure the safety of your staff, company property and also any sensitive company information. That is why it is important that you take all necessary steps to ensure your building security is up to par.

First of all, you want to make it as difficult as possible for an intruder to get in without being noticed and second, you want to make your building as unappealing a target as possible. Below are a few tips to help improve your building security:

  • Maintain a clean, well-groomed landscape. Don’t give a potential intruder any more areas to hide.
  • Well-lit company grounds will help to make your building less of a target.
  • Use custom labeled parking tags to quickly identify which vehicles are authorized to be in the company parking lot. This will help prevent unauthorized access and keep lurkers away.
  • Install security cameras and possibly hire a security guard to patrol the company grounds. Having surveillance signs or a guard on duty will help to deter any potential thieves or intruders.
  • Limit the number of entry points and use high security access keys.

By following the above tips, you can minimize the threat to your company building significantly.

Keep Your Employees Educated on Security Protocols

Even though burglary statistics have been shown to be on the decline over the recent years, there are still many other types of threats to your building security – there is also corporate sabotage and espionage. In many cases, the physical items in a commercial office building are not as valuable as the information that can be accessed.

To avoid corporate sabotage or espionage, it’s important that you educate your employees on all security protocols. They should be educated on social engineering practices and how to recognize when someone is trying to obtain information from them through social engineering.

Your employees should also know not to allow unauthorized individuals into the office – this often happens when staff members hold the door for another individual after badging in themselves. Employees should be educated on building access security and should never allow another unauthorized individual enter the building with them.

Make sure that your employees also know that they should never take sensitive company material out of the office with them unless authorized and should never email sensitive files online.

Another area that many employees may be unfamiliar with is computer security risks. Downloading unfamiliar files or accessing insecure websites could allow viruses or spyware to be installed on their computer. This could give access to an unauthorized user. Employees should also know that if they ever find an abandoned USB drive – these can often be found in the office parking lots – that they should never attempt to open the drive on a company computer. These USB drives may have been left on purpose in the hopes that a curious employee would insert them into their company computer. The drive could contain a virus or program that would give a hacker access to the computer it is connected to.


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