How Do Money Orders Work, Anyway? (7)

Perhaps fifty or extra replies were acquired, just a few with a cash order and requests for further info.

Where the Judgment being enforced arose from the decision of an administrative tribunal it is solely attainable that you were never personally served with anything. In the Landlord and Tenant Board context the originating course of (i.e. the application that begins the case)is served by mail. These days it is the Landlord and Tenant Board that is mailing the document to the handle listed on the applying. Personal service may be very unlikely.

But your thoughts, Hank, are fascinating ones to think about as nicely. It’s certainly not very possible that a United States Postal Money Order, which as you say is backed by the U.S. Government, goes to bounce. And it was paid for by Lee Oswald when he purchased it at the Main Post Office in Dallas on 3/12/63. So we KNOW that the U.S. Government (the post workplace) got paid its $21.forty five for the quantity of the cash order. Otherwise, the M.. would never have been handed over to Oswald within the stamped amount of $21.45.

The one and only Lee H. Oswald (whose middle identify simply occurred to be Harvey) purchases a cheap rifle for himself in March 1963 (so he can shoot a certain retired basic in Dallas). He misses in his try to kill General Walker , but decides to hang on to the Carcano rifle (for some reason that I’ve by no means fairly been ready to figure out, other than his own excessive stinginess and unwillingness to do away with something he only used as soon as).

Great job and you’re precisely proper, IBleedPink!! So many hateful individuals touch upon right here with their unfavourable opinions. Nobody is being compelled to love Mary Kay, however the evil hatred is truthfully uncalled for. There’s nothing fake or flawed about MK. It’s a thriving enterprise that some individuals are and others aren’t cut out for. I’m not reduce out to be an actor or hairstylist however I don’t hate anybody who is, just because I can’t do their job. The finish.