How to Make a Complete Financial Statements

The financial report is a record that contains information about a company’s financial or business in one accounting period that can be used to describe work in the company. The purpose of the financial statements made in accordance with Financial Accounting Standard is to provide an update regarding the financial position, performance and changes in financial position of an enterprise that will benefit the majority of users in making decisions both internally and externally.

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Judged by the goal used to meet the needs of both internal and external together and most users, so that the financial statements have four qualitative characteristics, namely:

Can Be Understood

The information provided can be easily understood and symbols used in accordance with the user’s understanding of the state standards.


The information provided in the financial statement can make …

Predictions World Economy in 2017

2016 is over, 2016 became a year filled with surprises in terms of politics and economy. 2016 has been ongoing referendum in the UK and ended up surprising, because the British exit from the EU. This result is known by the Brexit or British Exit, beat Bremain (British Remain) is desired Britain remains a member of the European Union. Another surprise was the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. Trump was formerly known as a controversial figure.

From the economic side, the world was shocked by the deterioration of the British currency, the pound, following a Brexit. The pound had fallen to the lowest level in 31 years against the US dollar. American capital markets are also a record number of times. Followed by China which continues to devalue their currencies.

When in 2016 the progress is so dramatic and full of surprises, the fair when …

Strategies to Improve and Expansion Your Business

Business growth is the goal for most business owners. There are many ways to expand the business when economic growth is slow at this time. Economic challenges currently offers a unique opportunity to expand the business for those who have more capabilities. Developing business is an ongoing challenge. If you have used the same techniques of business development for some time, here are some fresh ideas, unique and suited to the current market conditions, which may stimulate some new thinking about how to expand your business.

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Business Expansion Strategies

Imagination is the key to start a business expansion. Think of any business expansion over and adjust to your business. Start making a list planning. For example, the city where you choose to open a new branch? Who are your competitors that you will …